Character Trio: Taliah, Tin Man and Suzeaux

So this seems to be the last of our first round of character introductions… and I must warn you all, this one will either blow up or take your wallet… so watch at your own risk.

Character Profiles: Zombie and Lulu

Here I give you the unlikely duo of Zombie and Lulu or as we occasionally call them Zulu (because they are that kind of cool).

Character Profile Trio!

This time we have a trio of characters: Brother Luke, Tank aka: Alystiar Wesley and Audra Lillillliliiienthal (I can’t spell her name to save my life).

Check out more about the characters by click the pictures below. As for Tank, I am going to have to poke me an artist to get him a picture… Seems I may have forgotten to do that (oops!).

Character Profile: Attica Valora & Kitty Livington

It’s a science-fiction steampunk double feature. This week Dr. X built us two creatures: Attica and Kitty in their own introduction videos.

As always, click the pictures to see the more/previous character profiles, and stick around… there are more yet to come.

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